Personnel loss, injury attack, and point deduction..May the sparks be kept in the hearts of every Hebei football player

Looking forward, guarding, 20232022, the end of the season.
The Hebei team faltered and moved forward with difficulty.
Loss of personnel, invasion of injuries, suffered points deductions.
No matter what kind of difficulties we are in, we always abide by our original intention and vow to contribute to the revival of football in Hebei.
After working hard, although it is hard to say no regrets, but I have done my best.
In 2023, turn the chapter again.
At this moment, I only hope that the fire of the Hebei team can continue, and that the fire of a single star can exist in the hearts of every Hebei football player.
When hope takes root and sprouts, Hebei football will flourish again, and the Hebei team will continue to write the future in the passage of time.