Photo Gallery: Arley will return to the training ground in January and Dot will not put time pressure on him.

German media Bild reported that Borussia Dortmund striker Arley is recovering from testicular cancer and will return to the training ground next month.
It is reported that Arley completed another tumor surgery two weeks ago and has agreed with Dodt to return to the Brackel training ground in January and start training. It is reported that he will carry out not only running and strength training, but also light ball training.
Arley joined for a transfer fee of 31 million euros this summer, but he was diagnosed with a testicular tumor at summer training camp and missed the first half of the game. Dodt’s replacement, Modester, did not play a role, with the Bianconeri ranked sixth in the league before the winter break.
As for the question of when Arley will play for Dodt, it is reported that the club’s senior management will not put pressure on him at any time and the player will negotiate with the doctor to determine the speed of his comeback.
Arley is clearly on the road to good recovery, as can be seen from his recent trip: he was invited by FIFA to Qatar to watch the World Cup.