Porter talked about Gua Shuai’s praise: There will be general respect among coaches, he is a great person

January 5 News Chelsea played against Manchester City in this round.
A fan of Tete, Porter talked about related topics when accepting the club’s official website.

Porter said: "Not just Guardiola, but other people who have played against my team and seen me work, I think there will be general respect. Guardiola is a great person, and whether as a player
As a coach, he’s accomplished a lot."

Talking about the communication with Guashuai after the last match, Porter said: "It’s more like an ordinary football conversation. He understands the challenges I have endured here, because he has encountered similar situations himself.
Post-game talk. It’s always good for the coaches to talk after the game because you have a lot of emotion in the game and we’re all trying to score points and it’s nice to talk about the game after the game.

We’ve always looked at Manchester City as an opportunity to play against one of the best teams in the world, it’s a completely different game than we just had against Nottingham Forest, it’s going to be very complicated and difficult.

Speaking of Sterling, Porter said: "It’s been a challenge for him, but it’s been a period for everyone, there’s been a lot of changes and things, so it’s never easy to settle down and adapt quickly.
Sterling has a lot of work to do, but he’s doing his best every day and we need to help him get to the level we know he will be."