Portuguese media: Enzo didn’t want to play because of his poor health, the club was dissatisfied with his private return

January 2, Benfica lost 0-3 to Braga, according to the "Record" report,
Enzo originally wanted to not play on the grounds of poor physical condition, but was persuaded by coach Schmidt.
After the game, he returned to Argentina for the New Year controversy.
Enzo used his agent’s private jet to return to Argentina to celebrate the New Year, but coach Schmidt said that "players need to rest" and "rules apply to everyone."
Despite Benfica’s silence, the Enzo affair has created discomfort at the club.
The club chiefs are already feeling uncomfortable and waiting, the team will be training this morning and Enzo needs to come back to report to avoid consequences.
Enzo did not want to play against Braga, insisting he was not fully fit, but was persuaded by Schmidt and chairman Rui Costa.
The club president reminded him of his responsibilities and the importance of the game.
Despite receiving tempting offers, Rui Costa wants to give Enzo a raise of 2 million euros to keep him.
On the other hand, Chelsea are willing to pay 130 million euros and quadruple Enzo’s annual salary.