R-de Boer: Gakpo is right to join Liverpool. He will compete with Diaz for the position in the future.

Ronald de Bohr has been interviewed by talkSPORT in which he talked about his move to Jakpo and said he was a good fit for Liverpool.
It is reported that Gakpo could make his debut as early as 01:30 Beijing time on January 3 when Liverpool face Brentford. De Boer, who has played for Ajax, Barcelona and Rangers, is very optimistic about the future of Gacbo.
De Boer said in an interview: “I have been paying attention to him over the past few years and he is a very potential player.” He has the ability to score on both his left and right feet, he also has good dribbling skills and speed, and he has a clear mind on the football field. When I saw him interviewed on TV, I felt that he was a very smart boy, he knew exactly what he wanted and he had the potential to become a better player. For me, he is one of the most potential talents in the Netherlands at present. ”
De Boer also said he thought Gakpo would have a better chance at Liverpool than at Manchester United, where he could play on the left.
De Boer said: “I think it is very important for him and when he starts to cut from the left, he will finish the attack better.” I think Liverpool can give him such a chance. Luis Diaz was in that position and he was also a very talented player. When Luis Diaz recovers from injury, the two of them should compete in this position. Gakpo can also get training in this position. I think he is the player Liverpool needs at the moment and joining Liverpool is the best choice he can make. ”
On whether Gacbo is capable of starting, de Boer said: “I think he can play in the 9th position with two strikers, but he is not a typical center like Levan.”
However, if there are two top players up front, he can be more inclined to an offensive No. 10 player.
“he will play well in this position and his speed will give him an advantage on the pitch. In the future, I think he will be faster and stronger, which will help him adapt to the pace of the Premier League. From my point of view, he has made the right choice and will get better and better. ”