Referee arrangement: Ma Ning enforces the vs Zhejiang team in three towns of Wuhan, and Fu Ming serves as VAR

On December 27, the Chinese Super League officially announced the results of the 33rd round of referee selection. The key battle of the closely watched three towns of Wuhan against the Zhejiang team will be enforced by Ma Ning.
15:00 on December 27th Shenzhen team vs Guangzhou City
Referee: Wang Zhe VAR: Zhang Xiaochen
15:00 on December 27th Chengdu Chengdu vs Wuhan Yangtze River
Referee: Shen Yinhao VAR: Liu Zhao
15:00 on December 27th vs of Longmen, Songshan, Henan, Shanghai Shenhua
Referee: McTijiang VAR: Liu Wei
15:00 on December 27th Guangzhou team vs Changchun Yatai
Referee: Ma Li VAR: Zhen Wei
20:00 on December 27th vs Zhejiang team from three towns of Wuhan
Referee: Ma Ning VAR: Fu Ming
(Nanling weeps)