Reguilon: Injury has made me unable to live a normal life for the past 8 months. I believe this will make me stronger

January 2 News In the past year, Spanish defender Reguilon has not been happy.
After joining Atletico Madrid on loan from Tottenham in the case of injuries, he failed to play a role.
On social media, Reguilon posted a photo of himself in his hospital bed and wrote: "The worst year of my life is over. Unfortunately, this photo sums up my 2022 very well. This
I’ve been through a lot of aches, pains, infusions, and multiple surgeries in the operating room over the past year." "For 8 months, I couldn’t live a normal life, thinking about how to be a player again every day. I
I am very grateful to those who have been with me during this complicated period and to all those who work at Atletico Madrid for their support and trust. I have felt love and support since day one. You made me feel
I am one of them!" "I believe that all the bad moments and everything that goes through will make me stronger, both professionally and in life." "This year ended in the best way! I
I am finally back, and I am getting back the best feeling. I will face 2023 with all my enthusiasm and more desire." (Second Monster)