Reporter: Chen Xuyuan supervised the inspection of the 4 national brands in three places, and the training data of the national brands will be disclosed to the public

January 13 According to a report by reporter Ma Dexing, Chen Xuyuan, chairman of the Chinese Football Association, recently visited Yuxi,
In Haigeng and Chongqing, they supervised and inspected the training situation of the men’s and women’s football teams at all levels.

Whether it is the U17 National Youth Team or the 2003 U20 National Youth Team training in Chongqing, or the 2004 U20 Girls Youth Team training in Kunming Haigeng Base, the 2007 U15 Girls Training Team, including the winter training in Haikou
The first task of the Chinese women’s football team in the early stage of the training camp is to participate in military training for about a week as required. Starting from ideological construction and style construction, all players, regardless of gender, size, must prepare for hard work, and further strengthen their sense of responsibility and urgency.
With the mental state of “fighting for the country and seizing the day and night”, I will devote myself to the preparations for winter training and make full preparations for the various events that will start in 2023.

It is understood that Chairman Chen Xuyuan and others rushed from Yuxi to Haigeng Base, and then to Chongqing, one place a day. In addition to watching training or teaching games, they directly held discussions with the coaching staff in the evening to learn about the team’s implementation of the spirit of the Haikou Conference.
Moreover, during the symposium, Chairman Chen not only listened to the coaching staff’s detailed report on the training and preparations, but also bluntly expressed his dissatisfaction with the team.
Not only for the U17 national youth team and the U20 national youth team, but also for the coaching staff of the two women’s youth football teams.
Of course, every time he goes to a team, Chairman Chen Xuyuan will also ask the team what difficulties need to be solved, and what security work needs to be further scientific?
And give clear solutions to the problems raised by the coaching staff on the spot.
Afterwards, Chairman Chen Xuyuan also rushed to Haikou to accompany the leaders of the higher-level management department to supervise the winter training of the women’s national team.

It is said that during the discussion with the coaching staff of several national-brand teams, Chairman Chen Xuyuan has made it clear that not only the Chinese Football Association will further strengthen inspections, but also will use the power of society and public opinion to collect relevant data of national-brand teams at all levels.
It is open and accepts the supervision of the whole society, because the Chinese football teams at all levels are not Chinese football teams, but the teams of every fan in the whole of China. With the current level of Chinese football, striving for breakthroughs in performance is one aspect, but
More importantly, I am afraid that the first thing is to make the common people accept and be satisfied in terms of mental outlook and style.

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