Reporter Chen Xuyuan’s playing cards is not the main problem, the problem is that the performance during his term of office is too far from the expectations of the outside world

January 1 Reporter Zhao Yu wrote about the problem of playing cards of the Football Association Chairman Chen Xuyuan, Zhao Yu thinks playing cards is not
The main problem, the main problem is that Chen Xuyuan’s achievements since he took office are far from people’s initial expectations.

Zhao Yu wrote: "There are poker players, and there are indeed people who accompany them to play cards. Many people in the circle have talked about this after the top 12. I don’t think card games are the main problem, because even if you don’t play cards, work management is also difficult.
There will not be much increase. The main problem is that the three and a half years since Chairman Chen took office, there is a big gap with people’s initial expectations.

"The reason why I had some expectations at the beginning was because he was the first chairman of the Football Association from outside the sports management system in the history of Chinese football. I hope he can bring a new atmosphere.

"Unfortunately, his working methods and working effects are not much different from those of the leaders of the Football Association who are in the system and airborne. Some people may say that no one can change it, and no one dares to challenge too much. I admit this,
But doesn’t this just equate Chen Xuyuan with those football managers who we thought were failures in the past? If we still follow the old way of thinking about football, why do we need someone outside the system to be the chairman of the Football Association?
Chairman Chen, who only accepts interviews with the central media, hasn’t spoken in front of the camera for a long time.”

On December 30th, "Football News" Li Xuan was the first to break the news that before the top 40 and top 12 matches, as long as the chairman of the Football Association Chen Xuyuan was with the team, someone would accompany him to play cards at night, and everyone inside the Football Association knew about his situation.