Reporter Rabiot wants to go to the Premier League, but it depends on whether the offer received is rich and from a giant

January 4 According to Italian Sky Sports reporter Marchetti, Rabiot wants to go to the Premier League.
Go to the Premier League to develop, but it depends on the offer received.

Marchetti said: "Whether Rabiot will renew his contract with Juventus depends on his own decision? Yes, and I think that in Rabiot’s plan, he will go to the Premier League sooner or later."

"Rabiot may change his mind because he is doing well at Juventus and Allegri thinks highly of him, but it also depends on whether he receives a lucrative offer from a Premier League team."

"If there is no lucrative offer from the Premier League giants, then Rabiot may stay at Juventus and join Juve’s ambitious plans. But of course, whether to renew the contract is also very dependent on economic conditions."

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