Reporter: the 2022 World Club Cup will be held in the United Arab Emirates from February 1 to 11, 2023.

December 16-according to reporter Ma Dexing, it is reported that FIFA has decided that Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates will host the 19th Furniture Cup from February 1 to 11 next year.
Affected by the epidemic, the 2021 World Cup was held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in February this year. Normally, this year’s World Cup should be held within this year, but as the World Cup is currently being held in Qatar, FIFA has been studying and negotiating the timing of hosting the World Cup.
It has been reported that FIFA intends to schedule the World Cup in Qatar in February next year. However, FIFA decided to follow the previous practice that one country would host the Furniture Cup for two consecutive years, and since the United Arab Emirates hosted the 18th event in February this year, the 19th session should still be held in Abu Dhabi.
It is reported that FIFA has agreed to take over after consultation with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, which is scheduled for February 1-11, 2023. Prior to this, FIFA had already said hello to the Champions League champion Real Madrid, telling them in advance the specific location and time of hosting, so that Real Madrid could be prepared in advance.
This year’s Furniture Cup is still scheduled to be held in the previous way, with the host team playing against the Oceania champions first, and the winner qualifies for the 1Universe 4 finals. The hosts will be represented by last season’s UAE champions Ein. The winning teams from several other continents include: Europe representing Real Madrid, South America representing Brazil’s flamenco, Central and North America representing the Seattle Gulf teams of the United States, Africa representing Morocco’s Vedad and Oceania representing Auckland City of New Zealand. As for the representatives of Asia, as the knockout stages of the Western Asia region of the AFC Champions League have been postponed, it will be up to AFC to decide who will play for Asia.
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