Reporters interpret Arsenal’s unwillingness to bid for Mudrick’s mentality, but they received death threats because of it

January 15 News According to multiple reports early this morning, Chelsea intercepted Arsenal’s target Mudrick, the player
Will undergo a medical at Chelsea today.

London Football Network reporter Chris Davison published an article analyzing Arsenal’s reluctance to bid for Mudrick, but received death threats because of it.

The reporter said earlier: “Some thoughts about the Mudrick news, I was angry at first, disappointed because it has been going on for so long, and I also feel that a deal will be reached soon, which is a pity.
. However, I also understand Arsenal’s reluctance to bid.”

And just now the reporter said: “Because of this news, I woke up and received death threats. This is really sad. I understand the anger and disappointment of the fans.
More important things.”