Rivera: has always thought that Pele is the greatest player of all time, he is also a good goalkeeper

December 30-Italian football star Rivera posted a post on Facebook in memory of Pele, who he believes is the greatest player of all time.
“my friend Pele is gone tonight and I always thought he was the greatest player of all time. He can use his feet in the same way, with the same agility, with the same strength. If it hadn’t been for football, he would have created it. We have a great relationship and I’m really sorry about his death. ”
“I don’t think it’s necessary to rank him with other great players in history. Altafini once told me that Pele was also a good goalkeeper! The day before he started training with Santos, Pele reached an agreement with the coach that he would pretend to be a new goalkeeper, which is what he wanted to do. No one noticed it was him, he saved all his teammates’ shots in the penalty area! This is enough to show what kind of person he is. ”
My name is Leonardo da Vinci.