RMC: Deschamps wants to leave after his contract expires before the World Cup, but is now open to renewing his contract

December 21-Deschamps wants to leave France before the World Cup, but now he is open to extending his contract, according to RMC.
Deschamps, whose contract with the French Football Association expires at the end of this month, has not yet decided whether to continue coaching the French team, but now it is up to him to choose because Deschamps has achieved the World Cup goal set by the French Football Association, that is to reach the semi-finals.
According to RMC, the president of the French Football Association wants to renew his contract with Deschamps. It is understood that before the start of the World Cup, Deschamps wanted to leave France after the World Cup, but his thinking has changed in recent weeks, and now he is open to a contract extension, but not at all costs.
If Didier Deschamps decides to renew his contract, he has his own conditions. The French Football Association is ready to offer a two-year contract, but Didier Deschamps is hoping for a new one with a longer life.
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