Robinson Tottenham need to introduce defenders to solve the defense problem. Kane scored 15 goals and should not be blamed

January 6 News Recently, former England goalkeeper Robinson talked about the situation of Tottenham in an interview
, He believes that Tottenham’s defense problem is very serious.

Robinson said: "I think the performance of Kane and Sun Xingmin depends on the whole team. Tottenham struggled. They didn’t get a lot of help. You can’t ask these two players to lead the team forward."

"Tottenham have a serious defensive problem, the manager knows it, and obviously the team needs to bring in a few defenders to solve the problem. When a team is struggling, two top players can’t bring the team to everyone.
They didn’t get the support they deserved, as expected."

"This season I don’t think Tottenham played very well in a few games, even then Kane still scored 15 goals, so you should not blame him."