Ronaldo: Deschamps’ arrogance keeps Benzema away from the focus of the World Cup, and the players will prove themselves again.

On December 20th, as editor-in-chief long Zero wrote a column, he talked about Benzema and Mbappe.
He said: when Macron went to Doha to find the glory moment of beloved Mbappe, Martinez stopped him with his incredible interception and swoop on Muani, and Benzema was training at the base of Baldebebas to prepare Real Madrid to return to fierce competition.
After Didier Deschamps did not allow Benzema to return to France, Benzema chose to close the “World Cup mode” and focus on his contribution on the pitch, fighting for the club that respects him, the shirt that respects him, and the team that needs him.
The 35-year-old Benzema has a chance to leave his last legacy to prove that his golden ball is not a flash in the pan. Benzema is still the dynamic Benzema, and only Deschamps’ arrogance keeps him away from the focus of Qatar.