Ronaldo: Ibrahimovic was criticized by fans for not attending Miha’s funeral to watch the World Cup final.

Corriere dello Sport said Ibrahimovic did not attend Mikhilovich’s funeral, which made fans question their friendship.
Serie A star Miha died last week and held a funeral in Rome, Italy. Totti, Mancini, Stankovic and other stars attended the funeral, but Ibrahimovic did not attend Miha’s funeral, but chose to go to Qatar to watch the World Cup final.
Ibrahimovic has claimed many times in the past that he has a very good relationship with Miha, while Miha says Ibrahimovic is like his brother. After learning that Miha was ill, Ibrahimovic said: “I don’t have the strength to call him. He called me.” He said, ‘Don’t worry, it’s only a short-term difficult.’ I said, ‘Miha, call me if you need anything, and I’ll do anything for you.’ ”
But Ibrahimovic did not even attend the funeral of his good friend Miha, which is difficult for fans to accept. According to Corriere dello Sport, many people began to criticize Ibrahimovic’s actions under his Instagram account: “traitor” and “did you know your friend Miha passed away?” “this is how Ibrahimovic treats those who love him.” Ibrahimovic shows his true face. what kind of person is he? ”
(Su Erhu)