Ronaldo mourns Pele: the only king of football is honored to stand behind you.

On December 30, the death of King Pele, Brazilian legend Ronaldo sent a message of condolences.
Ronaldo: you are the only, the greatest, skilled, creative, perfect person. An unparalleled existence. That’s what Pele achieved. He never left the top, but he left us today.
The king of football, there is only one. The greatest player of all time. The world is sad for it, and the sadness of parting is intertwined with the honor of writing history. It’s an honor to stand behind you, my friend.
His talent is the education that every player should receive. His legacy is handed down from generation to generation. That’s what your life is about. Today and forever, we will always cheer for you. Thank you, Bailey. May you rest in peace.