Ronaldo: Neymar can play in the next World Cup and Messi deserves to win the championship.

In an exclusive interview with Apostagolos, legendary Brazilian striker Ronaldo reviewed Brazil’s performance in the World Cup and the final between Argentina and France.
About the performance of Brazil
Ronaldo: “despite being out in the 1/4 final, Brazil played a wonderful World Cup. After the goal against Croatia, we just lacked some strategies and we had to make better use of our advantages.” You don’t have to go all out to score the second goal, but it takes time to make the ball cycle better, so that the opponent can’t catch up and lose the confidence to turn things around, which is the only thing Brazil lacks. ”
Can Neymar come out quickly?
Ronaldo: “of course, Neymar is very sad to be eliminated because he is focused on the World Cup and he hopes to eventually become the world champion.” Obviously Neymar is very disappointed at the moment. It will take him a few weeks to recover, but I believe he will get back on his feet and become stronger. Because he will learn a lot of positive things from it. ”
Neymar is considering ending his career in the national team.
Ronaldo: “now he is very sad, but he is still young and at the age of 31 he can still easily play in the next World Cup.” Now he is very popular in Brazil, he always does his best and in the past six months, he has tried his best to keep the best form for the World Cup. He is a top player and is still an important part of the national team. I believe he will return to Paris Saint-Germain with a stronger posture and he wants to win the Champions League with them. ”
Is Martinelli the future striker of the national team?
Ronaldo: “he is definitely a valuable asset. He has made great progress at Arsenal and showed his potential in the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar.” He will definitely stand out in the 2026 World Cup. We are very excited about him. What impresses me most is his passion and confidence in playing football. ”
Who do you want to replace Tate?
Ronaldo: “I see that the names of Carlo Ancelotti and Guardiola are under consideration. I don’t know if it’s true, but I don’t think there will be a problem with foreign coaches.” I think this change is really popular and it would be good news to see Carlo Ancelotti or Guardiola coach. ”
About Argentina winning the championship
Ronaldo: “if I say I expect to see the Argentines win, then I am lying.” But I think football is romantic, Argentina may not play the most beautiful football, but they play with incredible passion and desire, they still have Messi, he can make a difference at any time. ”
About Macy.
Ronaldo: “Messi has a lot of moments of glory in this World Cup and has saved the team many times. He moves very flexibly between opposing fronts. Once you get close to the penalty area, you can hardly stop him. He deserves the world championship.”
What kind of final would you like to see?
Ronaldo: “before the start of the World Cup, I would like to see Brazil and France play in the final, which is also my prediction.” Brazil was out of the 1/4 final, but at least France lived up to my expectations. ”
About France’s performance in the final
Ronaldo: “they did well from the start and showed that they want to be world champions again.” In my opinion, they are the hottest and strong in all positions. They succeeded in making up for the absence of many of the injured, which almost no other team can do. ”
(Ma Dongyu)