Ronaldo: Roma captain Pellegrini injured his left leg during the warm-up match and underwent detailed tests on Tuesday

December 20-according to the Corriere dello Sport, Rome captain Pellegrini left the field injured in his left leg during the warm-up match in the early hours of this morning.
Rome, currently in winter training in Portugal, beat Portuguese Super League team Casapia 1-0 in the early morning warm-up match, but captain Pellegrini was injured. In the 32nd minute of the game, Pellegrini injured his tibia in his left leg and he came to the sidelines to put on a bandage to try to stick to the game. But a few minutes later, as the pain worsened, Pellegrini had to leave early.
Corriere dello Sport said Pellegrini limped when he left the game, looked very disappointed and returned to the dressing room early for further treatment. Roma coach Jose Mourinho was also very concerned about his injury and immediately asked about his injury. Pellegrini will undergo detailed tests on Tuesday and Roma hope he will not be sidelined for a long time.
(Su Erhu)