Roten: Messi completely wasted his first year in Paris, and he doesn’t think fans should pay tribute to him

January 4th After leading Argentina to the World Cup, Messi in his own
The motherland participated in the festivities for about two weeks.
Messi returned to Paris on Tuesday.
In the home game against Angers on January 11, Messi is considered likely to present the World Cup trophy to the fans at the Parc des Princes.
However, Paris Saint-Germain star Roten has a different view on this.

In the "RMC" program, Roten said: "Messi has been in Paris Saint-Germain for a year and a half, but the first year was completely wasted. When we see Messi’s performance at the beginning of the season especially in the World Cup
, we can even say it’s over. I know and hope the players get some adaptation time, but Messi is the best player on the planet. For such a player, people would think that their adaptation period should be shorter. For
For me, his attitude in the first year was too much, like Neymar, and that’s why they got so much criticism."

"Going into 2022, there is nothing to blame for Messi’s performance, he is very good on the pitch and professional. The only criticism of him is the celebration after scoring a goal in front of the fans, and the fans are the club’s own.
Soul. It’s true that the fans went too far last year and some insulted him. But that’s only because they were like me, we were crazy about Messi joining Ligue 1 and then were very disappointed in him. Now, you
Asking the fans to give him a standing ovation after he won the World Cup? Is he looking for some comfort now? No, I don’t think so."

Paris Saint-Germain coach Galthi said on Sunday night: "Obviously, Messi will be treated very well at home. I have no doubts that he will be warmly received at the Parc des Princes. Most importantly,
Now that he’s achieved something incredible, we have to remember what he’s done with the team since the start of the season."

After the French Cup against Chateauroux, Paris Saint-Germain will face Angers, Rennes and Reims in the league.

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