Saudi coach: Cristiano Ronaldo’s greatest quality is his desire to win and he doesn’t think Messi will chase money

January 14th In the World Cup in Qatar, Saudi Arabia is the only team that beat the final champion Argentina
Team, the coach Renard contributed a lot.
In an interview with RMC, Renard talked about beating Argentina and other topics related to Saudi football.

on beating argentina at the world cup

A game like this always gets the blood pumping and this game will go down in history forever, especially in the history of the Saudi national team.
So it’s always great to make history and people remember it for a long time.
Events like this ensure that we still have something to be considered remembered on the day we die.

On Saudi Arabia’s performance at the World Cup

Without any particular pressure, our main idea is to give Saudi football a good image.
Our dream was to get out of the group, but we couldn’t do that.
It’s not a big deal, but in football, it takes years to bridge that gap, and that’s what the Saudis are trying to do in the next few years.

About Saudi Arabia’s current goals

It is true that winning the Asian Cup is our goal and I think we are one of the best teams in Asia, but there is no need to be pretentious.
Obviously, we have to have ambitious goals in the Asian Cup.
However, we also have some very tough competitors, not least our World Qualifier group stage opponent Japan.
In my opinion, Japan is the best team in Asia right now, it’s hard to beat them.
There is a lot of uncertainty in any event, and people have high expectations.
There is still one year to go until the Asian Cup, although it is a little far away, it is not too far away.
Therefore, we must continue to work hard to make the dreams of the Saudi people come true.

On whether it will be easy for Ronaldo to play in the Saudi league

I don’t think so, but I think Ronaldo’s biggest quality is his desire to win and we saw how frustrated he was on the United bench.
Ronaldo is a very competitive player. At his age, if you don’t have enough competitive awareness, then you can’t achieve the success like him.

You know, there’s a lot of talk about football and money these days, but I don’t think a player like Messi chases money, so what does he chase?
As he did last month, he’s chasing a World Cup title.
For that, you have to train hard and you have to stay hungry.
When you’re not hungry in football, you can’t perform.
So, I’m sure a player like Ronaldo is hungry for goals and success.
He wants to feel loved and I think you can see that, so I think he’s here with a specific goal in mind, I think first of all he will bring honor and a title to this Riyadh victory.

Is it difficult for Ronaldo to be selected for the Portuguese national team again after playing in Saudi Arabia?

No, I don’t think so at all.
Given the attention he receives for every league game he plays, it’s hard for the national team manager not to receive some of his game messages.
Roberto Martinez is now Portugal’s new coach. If he feels that Ronaldo can bring something to the team in a few minutes or more, he will not hesitate to recruit Ronaldo. There is no problem with that.

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