Shandong Taishan arrived in the Suzhou competition area, Hao Wei sent a message to thank the fans for the small gift

January 1 According to the Weibo news of "Shandong Taishan Suzhou Fan Club", in order to prepare for the FA Cup, the entire Taishan team
Having arrived at the competition area hotel this afternoon, coach Hao Wei also received small gifts from fans.

Previously, Hao Wei missed the command of the last three rounds of the Chinese Super League due to a fever, and did not return to the team to command and prepare for the game until December 29. He will direct the Football Association Cup match between Taishan and Wuhan Three Towns on the spot, and the two rounds of the Football Association Cup between Taishan and Three Towns
Cup matches will be played on January 4 and January 7, and both games will be open to fans.

After arriving in the competition area, Hao Wei also received small gifts carefully prepared by enthusiastic fans. Hao Wei also specially posted a post on social media to express his gratitude to the fans.

(Liang Sheng Mochen)