Shanghai media commented on the demotion of Guangzhou team: those who were moved can only become memories after all.

On December 27, Guangzhou lost 1-4 to Yatai in the 33rd round of the Chinese Super League and was relegated to the Chinese Super League one round in advance. Shanghai “five Star Sports” wrote that those who were once moved by the Guangzhou team can only become memories.
The article talks about the former glory of the Guangzhou team: in 2010, the Guangzhou team was promoted to the Chinese Super League as the champion of the Chinese Super League. In 2011, the Guangzhou team, which returned to the Chinese Super League, won the current league championship, the first team in the history of Chinese football league to win the championship in the first year of its promotion to the top league. They have won eight Chinese Super League championships in history (2011-2017, 2019), which is currently the team with the largest number of Chinese Super League championships. the team also won two Chinese Football Association Cups (2012 and 2016), four Chinese Football Association Super Cups (2012, 2016-2018) and two Asian Football Association Champions League titles (2013 and 2015). This also makes them the first Chinese Super League team to win the AFC Champions League.
In recent years, due to the financial problems of the parent company, the Guangzhou team played in the Quanhua class this season. Although Zheng Zhi served as the coach in the middle of the season, Huang Bowen, Rong Hao and other meritorious veterans returned, the team could not hide its decline and was eventually relegated.
In the list of six people banned for life announced by the Chinese Football Association, apart from Xie Zhiguang, president of the Guangzhou Football Association, Wang Yajun, Zhang Xiuyu, Cai Guanghui, Li Zifei and Chen Weihua are all members of Evergrande Football School. Wang Yajun is the chairman of Guangzhou Football Club.
Finally, “five Star Sports” said that both internal and external troubles have made this former king’s division of the Chinese Super League look quite sad now. If there were no accidents, then the Guangzhou team would not exist in the territory of the Chinese Super League next season. I believe that for many fans, those who were moved by the Guangzhou team can only become memories after all.