Shanghai media Shenhua has some players with fever one after another, and will miss the second round of the FA Cup quarter-finals

January 7th, the second round of the FA Cup quarter-finals will start today, and Shanghai Shenhua will play against
Cangzhou Lion.
According to the WeChat official account of "Yingyi Shenhui", some Shenhua players have a fever and will miss today’s game.

In the first round, Shenhua defeated the opponent 5-1 and took the lead. At the pre-match press conference, Shenhua head coach Wu Jingui revealed that the team has undergone some new changes in the past few days, but it will still be played under the current situation.
Go all out, play this game well, and strive for victory.

The article revealed that some Shenhua players will not play in today’s game because of a fever.
In this regard, Wu Jingui said: "The team still had some problems in the final stage. We appeared relatively late. The players also developed fever symptoms one after another. In order to protect the players, they could not participate in the game if they had such symptoms. So, some
The players in the position will miss the game."