Shanghai media: the Yangtze River in Wuhan was miserable by Li Tiekeng, with a debt of 400 million and was found to have evaded taxes.

December 26-the Chinese Super League is coming to an end. “five Star Sports” published an article about the situation of fighting for the championship and avoiding relegation in the Chinese Super League, and said that the Yangtze River in Wuhan was implicated by Li tie, with a debt of 400 million and was found to have evaded taxes.
The report said that in the 33rd round of the Chinese Super League, Hebei team, Tianjin Jinmen Tiger and Meizhou Hakka teams abandoned the game because of the epidemic, and these three games will directly judge the opponent to win 3-0. Among them, Meizhou Hakka abstained in the match against Shandong Taishan, which had a direct impact on the championship situation. Shandong Taishan not only got the key 3 points in advance, temporarily led the three towns of Wuhan by 3 points in the scoreboard, but also harvested 3 valuable goals. The cancellation of this game will also allow Shandong Taishan team to wait for work and devote themselves to the final game against Beijing Guoan on the afternoon of December 31st.
As for the relegated teams, Guangzhou, Wuhan Changjiang and Hebei are in jeopardy, and it has even been reported that they are about to be disbanded. As the Chinese Football Association demands that all historical arrears of wages be settled by December 31 this year, there is a good chance that the three clubs with huge arrears will be disqualified. It is reported that Wuhan Yangtze River was miserable by Li Tiekeng, with debts of 400 million yuan and tax evasion, while Hebei and Guangzhou teams, Huaxia Group and Evergrande Group, will no longer contribute money to help solve the problem of historical arrears of wages.
Finally, “five Star Sports” said that the successive news that the team was facing dissolution made Chinese football, which is already in the cold winter, even worse. In order to solve the chronic problem of unpaid wages, the Football Association’s punishment this season can be said to be unprecedented, the original intention is good, but now it seems that it may become the last straw to crush many teams.