Shearer: Guardiola’s remarks will embarrass Phillips. I think he did it on purpose.

December 29-according to the Daily Mail, Alan Shearer talked about Calvin Phillips’ overweight in an interview.
Guardiola said that Calvin Phillips was overweight when he returned to the team, and Guardiola has also been criticized for such remarks.
Former Sky Sports host Richard case said: “Calvin Phillips has been ridiculed for such remarks by Guardiola.”
Shearer agreed, saying in an interview: “Guardiola’s remarks will embarrass Calvin Phillips to a certain extent.” I was surprised that Guardiola made such a remark, but I think he must have said it for a reason. This may have been done on purpose by Guardiola, who hopes Calvin Phillips can use his performance to answer questions. Calvin Phillips is not as good as people think, whether because of injuries or other reasons, there must be a reason. ”
Calvin Phillips got off to a difficult start at Manchester City after joining Manchester City in July 2022. Calvin Phillips played only four games for Manchester City in the 2022-23 season and has been struggling with injuries. He missed 11 games due to a shoulder injury, which nearly left him out of England’s World Cup squad, but he recovered in time and was selected for England’s squad.
Another host, Ernie Aleuco, agreed with Shearer, saying: “it’s like Guardiola deliberately trying to embarrass him.” But former Manchester City defender Nedoum Onoha also took a different view, saying: “I think since Calvin Phillips is on the bench, it proves that there is no problem between him and Guardiola.” He did not take part in the World Cup at that time, and some players who did not participate in the World Cup may not have trained that hard. ” In addition, Conti has also said that England’s starters are in incredible form after their return, but those who don’t play much are different.