Simeone: Get ready for the transfer market. The team doctor will evaluate whether Felix can play

January 4th, the third round of the Spanish King’s Cup, Atletico Madrid will play away against Real Ovi
In the pre-match press conference, Simeone talked about the transfer market and Felix and other topics.

——Game Outlook

"Oviedo have been in good shape lately, with positive results, solid defense, experienced striker and good flanks. We focused on this opponent and didn’t think about other games, we hope to go further in this cup

——Team lineup

"Everyone knows what I think, I am prepared for what may happen next in the transfer market. We are just employees of the club and everything that will happen is for the benefit of the club and the team. We
Multiple solutions must be prepared."

– Felix’s Future

"For the players and the agents, that’s the most important thing. But for the coaches, the most important thing is to stay calm and know where you are. Only the players and the coaches themselves know, who
It’s going to have the player and the agent takes care of the situation.”

——Is the Copa del Rey the biggest goal?

"This season has gone from normal to bad, we need to improve and keep growing. We are passionate and hungry for this cup and we want to go further. La Liga is very complex and difficult, there are many teams with the same goals as us

——Will Felix and Savage play in this game?

"The team doctor will tell us if Felix can participate in training normally, and Savage will definitely not. After the game against Elche, Felix did not participate in training. Today we will assess whether he can participate tomorrow.
Go to war."


"He came to us with a lot of hope, he’s looking for his best form, he really wants to give the team energy, pace, his characteristics, whatever the team needs. On the left wing, Kalas
Coe can attack with his right foot and Reguilon’s left foot provides fluidity, both of them can give different things on the pitch, we will see which player to use according to the situation."

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