Simeone: Griezmann is an extraordinary player, he has won people’s love again

January 5th In the early morning of January 5th, , the Spanish King’s Cup 1/16 final
, Atletico Madrid defeated Real Oviedo 2-0 away and advanced to the top 16 of the Copa del Rey. Griezmann assisted Luent and scored the team’s first goal.
Atletico Madrid coach Simeone said in an interview after the game: Griezmann is an extraordinary player, he has won people’s love again.

About Griezmann

Simeone: "Griezmann is back in love, he’s talking on the pitch (with a good mentality) and that’s a good sign, although many, many people disagree.
, but Griezmann is an extraordinary player."

In the 26th minute, Molina made a diagonal pass from the right side of the front court to the front of the penalty area. Griezmann volleyed directly into the penalty area. Llorente quickly volleyed forward and scored:

About Barrios who scored the second goal for Atletico Madrid in this game

Simeone: "We are excited that Barrios has a promising future. Atletico has not had a player at his level for a long time."

About this game

Simeone: "Our team cooperated very well in today’s game. In the second half, the opponent had about 20 minutes to take the initiative, but the excellent performance of Barrios and Kondogbia allowed us to seal the victory."

On Atletico Madrid’s prospects in this season’s Copa del Rey

Simeone: "We have been doing wrong things for a long time. Now that we have advanced to the next round of the Copa del Rey, everything looks different. We try to change and reverse the team’s previous decline. It is useless to say more.
We’re going to keep working hard."