Sommer talks about the future: there is still no new situation. I am having a frank conversation with Menxing.

On December 29, Bayern are looking for a replacement for injured goalkeeper Neuer. Menxing and Somer are considered a hot candidate. In an interview with Bild a few days ago, the goalkeeper, whose contract ends next summer, responded to the topic of his future.
Somer, who is currently training at the Menxing training ground, responded amicably to Bild’s question about his future after Wednesday’s training: “No, I don’t want to say anything today.” There’s nothing new. I am having an open conversation with Menxing. ”
In a previous club statement, Somer did not rule out a move to Bayern: “I had a frank conversation with the club before the World Cup about my contract and my future.”
According to the report, Menxing asked for 5 million euros for Somer in the winter window. His transfer in Winter window will be a win-win situation: Bayern will get their desirable replacement at a good price, while Somer will be able to compete with Bayern for three titles, which he does not have a chance at Menxing. As for Mencheng, he can get a good transfer fee from a player with only six months left in his contract, and 21-year-old goalkeeper Olszowski has proved he can take on the responsibility in the defeat of Dot.