South Korean media are concerned about the demotion of Guangzhou team: in the past, it was ordered to Asia, and many South Korean players once played here.

December 28-after the demotion of the Guangzhou team, the South Korean media United News issued an article commenting on the situation of the Guangzhou team.
Guangzhou, which once commanded Asia with a huge amount of financial support, was relegated to Serie An one round ahead of schedule, and the team returned to Serie An again after a lapse of 12 years. In the past, with the huge financial support of Evergrande Group, Guangzhou team has gradually become the top team in Asia since 2010. South Korean players are also active in the Guangzhou team, such as Cho won-hee, Kim Young-kwon, Kim Hyong-kyung and Park Ji-soo.
As the parent company Evergrande Group is in crisis, Guangzhou’s funding has been cut off since 2021, so players such as Exxon, who have been naturalized in China, have to return to Brazil.
Among the remaining players of the Guangzhou team in the past, Zheng Zhi, as a team legend, fought alone as head coach, but the final result was that the team was relegated to Serie An ahead of schedule.