Sports: it is unrealistic for Taishan team to pour more than ten goals into deep football, and the goal is to get 3 points + a complete lineup to fight against the seaport.

On December 19, tonight, Shandong Taishan will have a Chinese Super League make-up match with Shenzhen team. According to an article in Sports Weekly, although the Shenzhen football team is not well-organized, it is not realistic for the Taishan team to pour more than ten balls into its opponents.
According to the original plan, Taishan team will play against Zibo Cuju in the FA Cup 1 / Universe 8 final last Saturday (17). However, Zibo Cuju could not arrive in the competition area on time due to its own reasons, and then they applied for withdrawal from the organizing committee of the FA Cup, and the Taishan team won without a fight and entered the final 8 of the FA Cup.
Shenzhen team is currently losing soldiers, the last round of the league, Shenzhen team because a number of players can not play, resulting in a 0-2 defeat to the vice monitor Hebei team. It is reported that just last Saturday (17), only six players and two goalkeepers in the Shenzhen first team could take part in normal training, and since then three more players fell ill, so the club rushed to recruit 12 U17 players from the U21 youth team. According to the judgment of the Shenzhen team, in this make-up match against Shandong, I am afraid the team can only send about 12 players to the squad.
From the point of view of outsiders, the Taishan team can take this opportunity to further reduce the disadvantage of the goal win with the three towns of Wuhan. At present, the defending champion has 46 goals and 13 goals behind the leaders. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, the Taishan team must win by at least 13-0.
However, Sports Weekly believes that it is not realistic to pour more than a dozen goals in a game. In fact, the biggest expectation within Taishan at present is to score 3 points smoothly in this game, and then guarantee to attack the harbor with a relatively complete lineup.
(Xiao Hu)