Stanley: many young players from Guoan just arrived on the team this morning, but they all did a good job.

December 23, the 32nd round of the Chinese Super League, Beijing Guoan 3-1 Guangzhou team, Beijing Guoan head coach Stanley-Menzo attended the press conference.
Sum up the whole game–
We all know the overall situation, so we have to give enough respect to today’s game between the two teams and we have to make enough efforts. For our team, a lot of players are young players and many of them just got up this morning and arrived. Especially playing with the big brothers in the first team is a difficult thing for them, but they all do well.
Especially in the first half today, Guangzhou advanced a ball at the beginning, but our players played back. Especially at the beginning, we find it difficult to find an opportunity between the two lines, but we still have to be ourselves and see what can happen.
After conceding the first goal, we still be ourselves, keep pressing forward and putting pressure on each other. We can see first a very beautiful header, then an anti-super goal with a little luck, and the third is also very wonderful. In the second half they started to counter-attack unsurprisingly, so we did well defensively in our half. I think this is my summary of this game.