Still full of blood after the World Cup? How difficult is it to return to the unbeaten top six of the Premier League in the first round?

A week after the World Cup final ushered in the first round of the Premier League, there was a league cup cushion, the devil schedule in front of the collective collapse of the powers? The result is just the opposite.
After returning to work in the first round of the Premier League, the World Cup syndrome, which made Big6 talk about it in previous years, did not come as promised, but became a booster for the players’ state.
It is not surprising that Harland, Erde Gao, Salah and Almiron of Ma Fang Nan Shan are in excellent condition, but Kane, Saka, Lashford and Haverts, who have not yet washed away the dust, are in no way inferior to those in the national team. The top six won 5 wins and 1 draw this round, basically continuing the state before the start of the World Cup.
The impact of the World Cup on the Premier League may only gradually appear with the deepening of the league. For now, fatigue and physical and mental exhaustion do not seem to be enough to block the competitive state of the players, but the injury of Reese James seems to indicate that the tragic wave of injuries after the World Cup is still inevitable.
Harland got plenty of rest during the World Cup.
Whether you are tired or not, you should strive to be the first.
What is the status of the core of each team after returning to work? The Sagittarius list speaks for itself.
Tottenham, who made the first appearance in the final six, took a point from Brentford’s devil’s home, and Kane, who sounded the counterattack horn, played an important role. A day later, Salah opened the record and filled the sinkhole of Nunez, who had spilled bread four times. The two men, who both scored goals, quietly narrowed the gap with the top scorer.
However, only the next day, Harland, who returned to his birthplace of Leeds, perfectly explained what “I don’t give, you can’t rob”. Although the game also missed two scoring opportunities, Blue Moon 9, which scored twice, once again lost the suspense of the Premier League Golden Boots battle with its crazy efficiency of 20 goals in 14 games.
He, who scored 25 goals in just 20 games, once again raised the record of Guashuai’s fastest 25 goals by as much as 8 games, surpassing seven-time Golden Ball winner Lionel Messi.
The Premier League, which brings together the best shooters in the World Cup, has seen a decline in the production of golden boots in the past few seasons, but has ushered in an unprecedented roll this season, allowing players to play 12 points regardless of whether they play in the World Cup or not.
Salah also scored a goal.
More than half a month ago, Kane was the absolute attacking axis of England. Now he has scored 13 goals in the Premier League and is able to lead the top scorer list in all four other leagues. This shows his concentration and form, and has not been affected by the trip to Qatar.
The good form of Harland and Salah is widely expected, after all, before the Premier League truce, both were well-deserved attacking thighs of their respective teams, although the former was briefly plagued by injuries, while the latter was in poor form at the beginning of the season. but the offseason is a long drought for both of them. After all, Harland has suffered a lot of injuries since he moved to the Bundesliga, while Salah has been fighting for the national team almost every holiday.
Of course, for most old Youtiao in the Premier League, it is normal not to have a holiday, and they are at a loss as to what to do without playing football for too long, which can explain why Gemini Saka and Rushford, who were particularly brave in the World Cup, returning to their respective clubs is still at the thigh level.
And even Hafts, who did not improve under the two coaches, seems to have found the inspiration for a goal from Germany’s second goal in the closing game.
One figure can illustrate the point: there are 34 goals in the Premier League and 13 goals in the World Cup. In addition to the core of the strong teams mentioned above, there are also Mitrovic, Rodley, Dijk, Heibel and others, accounting for 38%. Higher than the percentage of World Cup international players in the Premier League (26.6%).
Thus it can be seen that at least in the first round of work, the World Cup is not a “poison” for the international players, but rather a catalyst.
The London powers are very hurt.
The World Cup has never been so kind to the Premier League, which London duo Arsenal and Chelsea must feel the most.
As one of the unluckiest injuries during the World Cup, Jesus had to say goodbye to Qatar early because of an old knee injury after playing only two group games as a substitute, and although he appeared at the Arsenal training base on crutches, but his comeback will at least be next spring.
Jesus was injured during the World Cup.
The Gunners took the lead in the first half of the season, Jesus is undoubtedly the locomotive of the team, whether the goal or not, the presence of the Brazilian is a threat. In the days when there was no team No. 9, Arteta looked for good players in the ball market while using Enkatia for the time being, but it was certain that it was a normal market to bid up prices and players’ prices temporarily after the World Cup. Gunmen who have spent a lot of budget in the summer may have no choice but to pick up generals.
What is even more depressing may be Chelsea, where the team “Prince” Reese James missed the World Cup due to injury and was at a physical and emotional low point. Only 51 minutes after the return to work, he was replaced in advance due to injury, and the diagnosis will take at least one month after the game.
In order to ensure that James is safe, the Blues medical and coaching staff thought twice before the game and decided to give him only 60 minutes to play, which turned out to be too optimistic.
Reese James suffered another injury.
Of course, while Arsenal are still struggling to find a substitute, Chelsea are already on their way: apart from the earlier confirmation of Brazilian youth team member Andre Santos, Ivory Coast starlet Dartrofana, who has made his debut over Molde in Norway, will soon be dressed in blue.
But the team may be looking for substitutes for Qiyeh and Prisic, who, after all, are not satisfied with continuing to play on the bench after their World Cup performances.
But perhaps more depressed than Arsenal and Chelsea is their London neighbour West Ham. As one of the most important signings for the Iron Hammer gang this summer, Argyle almost missed the World Cup before he could make his debut from Ligue 1 when he was seriously injured in preparation.
But as soon as the Moroccan centre-back was healed, he couldn’t wait to go to Qatar to join the national team. as a result, he fell down again after several games with injuries, and returned with no prospect of comeback. this round they were severely beaten by Arsenal, which was also not the main force. It’s really bad luck.
Attack instead of defense has become the mainstream
Another sign of the “FIFA virus” raging is the decline of players’ concentration. Except for Manchester United in this round of Premier League Big6, many of them are the result of players’ desertion and active mistakes.
As the only one in the last six who failed to win, Tottenham’s defensive problems are particularly prominent this winter: conceding the first goal in six consecutive league games, conceding the most goals in the top eight teams and losing the most ball rights around their own penalty area (170). In the face of Brentford, substitute goalkeeper Foster’s panic matched Dell’s roughness and made Conte, who was on the sidelines, furious.
And what is the cause of all this? Lori and Romero, who played in the World Cup final, are both on vacation.
Both Clop and Guardiola have to adapt to a terminal illness that the team cannot cure: Liverpool saw Watkins score in the offside position before he scored a goal. But Matip and Arnold just don’t want to run two more steps and fight for one end earlier.
Manchester City three goals lead Leeds United, the opponent into a seemingly small impact, but furious Guardiola kicked the mineral water to the other side’s bench, you can see how angry “Shi Yi Shuai” heart.
What if I can’t hold it? Then find a way to score one more goal than your opponent. In fact, in previous years, when the Premier League Winter Devil Battle came, many powerful players were teetering on the defensive end, relying entirely on strong error correction in the frontline. Big6 coaches are also in this round, have opened a new offensive routine of the run-in.
The most typical change took place in Manchester City: the combination of Harland, Fowden and Alvarez was both efficient and ornamental, but now the latter two need to rest. Guardiola chose to trust “Mr. 100 million” Gralish. Blue Moon 10, which did not play well in the World Cup, although he is still sorry to the audience, Harland can have a good time as long as he is willing to pass the ball.
Porter, who had led the team with ups and downs, also stopped the attempt of the three centre-backs in time and switched to the team’s more handy 433 formation, intending to increase troops in the front court. In the absence of top scorer, the Blues played a good offensive quality in the first half, and the victory was easy to win.
Even for Liverpool, where Nunez is still squandering opportunities, Klop has given the Uruguayan striker enough tolerance to make up for the threat of set-pieces again with the appearance of Dijk in the opponent’s penalty area, and with the arrival of Mr Gacbo, the team’s long-standing embarrassment of lack of one in attack will be made up in time.
After a long 42-day holiday, whether it is the left-behind players who have been fully energized, or the group of international players who have not finished after the return of Qatar, their next performance is related to the final trend of each team.
Although physical fitness and competitive form are uneven at the moment, it is clear that the Premier League, which has never been “full of blood”, will start a new round of “express mode”.
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