TA: Arsenal is indeed considering the possibility of renting Felix, but thinks that 21 million euros is too expensive

January 3rd, TA issued an article about the rumors of Arsenal and Atletico Madrid striker Felix,
And said that the Gunners are indeed considering the possibility of signing him.

Is there any truth to the Arsenal and Felix rumors?
Like Manchester United, Arsenal are interested in the possibility of signing Felix.
They know they lack depth on the offensive line, especially with Gabriel Jesus injured.
Felix is considered a player who can provide great help to the team in multiple positions in the frontcourt.

Cost will be the main hurdle.
Atletico Madrid is currently believed to want 21 million euros from Felix, including a loan fee of 15 million euros and a salary of 6 million euros.
At present, Arsenal believe that the fee is a bit high.

If Felix is still looking for a move as the window closes and the club and player are ready to lower their demands, a deal looks easier to do.