TA: with a total price of 44 million pounds, Manchester United have no funds to promote + Liverpool have been paying attention since 2014.

Liverpool have officially announced the signing of Dutch attacker Giacopo, and The Athletic has written about some of the details of the transfer.
An hour after the 3-1 win over Aston Villa on Boxing Day at Liverpool, PSV Eindhoven announced a verbal agreement with Liverpool on the transfer of Gakpo, which made Klop and his staff very happy.
Van Dick said before the announcement that he would like to see some new players join the team. TA said that Van Dick played an important role in the transfer of Gakpo. The 31-year-old centre-back is the captain of the Netherlands and his international teammates respect him and turn to him for advice. Van Dick has talked to Jakpo about playing for Liverpool and playing for Klop, and has talked enthusiastically about Gakpo with his Liverpool team-mates.
Speaking about the transfer fee for Gakpo, TA said that Gakpo will spend 37 million pounds for Liverpool, which could increase to 44 million pounds, and he has signed a five-and-a-half-year contract with the club in the summer of 2028. Gacbo is already on Liverpool’s transfer target list for the summer of 2023, but when PSV Eindhoven was willing to sell players in the winter window, the Reds felt it was an opportunity not to be missed and the injuries of Diaz and Rota also contributed to the decision.
Leeds United and Southampton Summer window have pushed for Gakpo, but without success, while Manchester United and Chelsea are also considering the transfer before Christmas. Tenhah and Gakpo signed a contract with the same agency, Manchester United’s football director Mutaf met with Voss, the agency’s chief executive, at the club’s training base over the past two weeks.
Manchester United eventually gave up bringing in Gakpo at the Winter window because they did not have enough money, especially when PSV Eindhoven said they needed a lot of cash. Some within Manchester United also question whether Gacbo is suitable to replace Cristiano Ronaldo as a centre-forward because he plays mainly on the left and likes to cut inside, similar to Rushford’s role.
From Manchester United’s point of view, the decision gave Liverpool a chance to sign Jakpo and the Reds took full advantage of it. It is reminiscent that Liverpool beat Tottenham to sign Diaz from Porto a year ago and were scheduled to wait to sign the winger in the summer.
After being promised “business as usual” when looking for new investment in Fenway Group, Klop and his staff are very grateful to the boss and Ward for their decisive action, after all, the risk of missing next season’s Champions League qualification is too great for the club to stand idly by. Liverpool see the signing of Giacopo as another victory, and the transfer was completed before the winter window opened, very efficient and uncontroversial. Liverpool will be particularly happy because club scouts have been interested in Gakpo since 2014 and they have been watching him.
Gacopo’s progress over the past few seasons has been particularly impressive and Liverpool believe he fits the image of the player they want to invest in. In fact, Liverpool assistant manager Linders may have realized the potential of Gakpo, who was in charge of the selection of PSV Eindhoven’s U9 age group, when he joined PSV Eindhoven around the same time.