TAIn order to complete the transfer of Ronaldo, several Saudi agencies provided assistance to Riyadh Victory

January 11, according to The Athletic news, in order to introduce Ronaldo, several Saudi agencies gave Riyadh Victory
Support is provided.

In Saudi Arabia, there is a growing belief that Ronaldo’s arrival will help them achieve everything the country hopes for.
But last summer, when the team in Riyadh wanted Ronaldo, few believed that the transfer could actually be completed, and it might take another year or two to materialize.
The chairman of the Saudi Football Association said in an interview in September that he would like to see Ronaldo move to Saudi Arabia, but the transfer will not be easy and the cost will be very high.

Riyadh Victory is the second richest club in Saudi Arabia, second only to Riyadh Crescent, and they spent huge sums of money to introduce Abu Bakar and Ospina.
But their commercial income last season was 97.9 million riyals (about 26 million US dollars), which means that without outside help, they cannot afford Ronaldo’s wages.
According to sources, a number of Saudi companies and institutions worked together to assist Riyadh in winning, and eventually contributed to Ronaldo’s transfer.
The Saudi Tourism Authority and the Saudi Media Company are among those helping.

The Saudi Tourism Authority, a sponsor of Victory in Riyadh, featured its logo prominently at a news conference last week.
At the same time, Messi is also the tourism ambassador of Saudi Arabia.
The Saudi Media Company is the sponsor of the Victory Stadium in Riyadh.
It is reported that the signing of Ronaldo and Riyadh Victory was reached in Madrid on December 28, and then Ronaldo and Georgina took a private jet to Saudi Arabia on January 2.

Riyadh Crescent also intends to introduce Ronaldo before, but they are currently unable to sign the Portuguese striker due to the execution of the transfer ban. After Riyadh Victory signed Ronaldo, they also hope to break the four consecutive championships of the Riyadh Crescent League.