Tardelli Juve’s consecutive zero seals are due to the good operation of the midfield, and Rabiot has improved significantly

January 10 News Recently, Juventus star Tardelli accepted the "Gazzetta dello Sport"
In the interview, he talked about Juventus’ recent progress.

He said: "Is it surprising to me that Juventus have a strong defensive wall? No, it means that their midfield position is working very well."

"The defense and the players at the back are important, but only if there is enough protection in front of them. Rabiot’s progress is very clear and decisive, so it will benefit the whole team."

"Pogba, Vlahovic, Chiesa and Di Maria can’t play together? A solution can be found, maybe they don’t need to play together every game, some people need to rest occasionally, such as
Di Maria, playing consecutive games will cause him problems."

"But the combination of Vlahovic and Chiesa I think is very good, and Pogba behind them. We will have to see when Pogba and Vlahovic are able to return to 100 per cent, but with this
At the same time, Milik played very well."