Tebas responded to Laporta: Barcelona’s broadcast income is no worse than that of the Premier League. Think about what the problem is.

December 23-La Liga President Tabas tweeted in response to Laporta, listing the Premier League and La Liga broadcast data.
Tebas: Laporta, let me give you a list of Barcelona’s televised data. Compared with Premiership clubs, you are completely competitive and you have to find the right answer.
Tebus’s data show: (16-17 season, 21-22 season, growth, growth rate)
Premier League television broadcasting fee: 2.3985 billion pounds, 2.5369 billion pounds, 138.4 million pounds, 5.77%
La Liga TV broadcasting fee: 1.3904 billion euros, 1.6011 billion euros, 210.7 million euros, 15.15%
The TV broadcasting fees of each club this season (total amount, league proportion), the top three:
Manchester City 176 million euros, 6%
Liverpool 174.6 million euros, 6%
Tottenham 167.9 million euros, 5.8%
Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United ranked third to sixth respectively
Real Madrid ranked seventh and 160.8 million euros 10.1%.
Barcelona ranked eighth 160.1 million Euro 10.1%.