Ten Hag rented out Amade because he needs game experience, and he will be recalled when he is able to compete for the starting lineup

January 3 News Recently, Ten Hag was asked whether he would play in the winter window
The topic of recalling the teenager Amad to fill the vacancy of the team’s striker.

When asked about this, Ten Hag said: "We will consider all options, as long as it helps to strengthen the lineup. But at the same time, I also have concerns because I don’t want to stop Amad’s footsteps.
Delan has made great progress and I’m very happy with that."

"I know that they also need experienced, young players and once we decide to bring Ahmad back, he needs to be the type of player who can compete for at least one starting spot, play a lot of games and make an impact."

When talking about the decision to loan Amad out at the beginning of the season, Ten Hag said: "At that time, I didn’t think he could be a starting player or have an impact on the game."

"But I value his potential and I see that he needs to gain experience in the official game. I know we still have a lot of good players, and I know that many clubs will be interested in players who don’t play often, but we need depth in the squad, especially