Ten Hag talks about the championship: Fans may dream, but we won’t

January 15 News In the 20th round of the Manchester City Derby in the Premier League, Manchester United defeated Manchester City 2-1 at home.

After this campaign, Manchester United is only 6 points away from the top Arsenal.
When talking about the team’s possibility of winning the championship in an interview after the game, Ten Hag said: “The fans may dream, but we will not. We must be down-to-earth, and our game still has a lot to improve.”

“Losing control of a game after half-time is unacceptable, it’s part of top football – the little things make a big difference. We have to keep working on that.”

“We often talk about the tactics of the team, but one of the main jobs of the coach is to develop the mentality of the team. This mentality has many elements. One is resilience and determination. I think this team has improved a lot in this regard.
A lot of setbacks and painful moments, and moving on through setbacks, like goals.”

“In addition, the players have experience, they all know that the game can change in an instant, and they are better at handling the situation in the game.”

(Jay Chan)