Teng Hach: Maguire has some injuries and hopes Varane and Lima will return as soon as possible.

Manchester United will face Nottingham Forest in the 17th round of the Premier League at 04:00 on December 28th. Before the match, Manchester United manager Teng Hahe gave an interview to the club’s official website and talked about the team’s personnel situation.
On the team’s recent state, Teng Hahe said: “the team feels very good.” You can feel the excitement of the players coming back from the World Cup and coming back together again. They all did well in Qatar and now they are back and you can feel their energy. They are looking forward to a fresh start in the Premier League. ”
In addition, Teng Hach also talked about the team’s personnel situation, he said: “our team has some injuries, such as Maguire, but he has returned to the training ground today, I am happy.”
“there is also the return of Varane and Lima, who have not yet returned to Manchester United, but we all hope they will return as soon as possible.”
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