The 10 most disappointing teams in 2022: Barcelona, Brazil, Spain, the greater the expectation, the more disappointment

Where there are winners, there will be losers, and where there are heroes, there will be bears.
Those teams with high hopes who cannot achieve the corresponding results are naturally the most disappointing existence.
Barcelona, which has appeared in the Europa League in successive years, and Brazil and Spain, which have been out of the World Cup for no reason, are naturally typical representatives.
01. Leverage to go to the Europa League: Barcelona still has a chance to stand up. After letting Messi go freely, Barcelona Chairman Laporta used the leverage method and spent more than 230 million euros to introduce Ferran-Torres, Lewandowski and Rafi
Niah, Conde and others, but the team’s record is not satisfactory.
Last season, when Laporta found out that Frankfurt not only won and triumphed at the home of the Red and Blues, their fans even captured the Nou Camp in white, which became a great shame for the team.
This season, I originally thought that everything would be different after greatly strengthening the lineup. As a result, the team once again fell to the third place in the group stage and fell to the Europa League.
The only gratifying thing is that Barcelona is currently ranked first in La Liga. If they can win the long-lost league, it will also be a comfort to the fans.
However, in order to truly return to the ranks of the top giants, the team still has to perform well in the Champions League.
02. Atletico Madrid’s hard-fought brothers: Will not playing in the Europa League help to get the top four?
Compared with Barcelona, if Atletico Madrid wants to say a difficult brother, it may seem a bit high.
After all, Atletico Madrid ranked fourth in the Champions League group stage, and they didn’t even have to play in the Europa League.
Compared with La Liga’s No. 1 Barcelona, Atletico Madrid has already opened up a gap of 13 points before the World Cup. Whether it can hold the top four in La Liga has become a problem.
Perhaps Atletico Madrid should really change coaches. Simeone has been here for too long, so that he lost himself and gradually lost control of the team.
03. Sevilla in free fall: Can playing in the Europa League be justified?
Except for Real Madrid, La Liga seems to be mostly tragedies at the moment.
Another team that appeared in the UEFA Champions League group stage, Sevilla, would have ranked fourth in the group like Atletico Madrid if they hadn’t encountered a super fat body like Copenhagen.
But even if they enter the Europa League knockout round, which they are best at, can Sevilla without Emery really be able to defend their name as the cup owner?
Not to mention that their league ranking has dropped to the bottom three, and if they don’t work hard, they may even be at risk of relegation.
04. Spending 183 million signings: Is Moyes preparing for the British Championship?
Spending 183 million euros in the summer window to introduce strong support, the arrival of Brazilian international Paqueta and Italian center Scamaka will make the Hammers, who have only been short of the top four in the Premier League in the past few years, a higher level
As a result, after 16 rounds of the Premier League, Moyes’ team actually lost 8 games, and is currently ranked fifth from the bottom in the Premier League, only 1 point ahead of the relegation zone.
Some people joked that Rodgers, who also led the team with a plummeting performance, should change teams with Moyes and change his luck.