The 18-year-old Alvaro talks about Real Madrid’s first-team debut. Today I realized my childhood dream

January 4th, the Copa del Rey game ended in the early morning, and Real Madrid advanced 1-0 in the away game.
, the 18-year-old Real Madrid teenager Alvaro made his first-team debut in this game, and he accepted an interview after the game.

Alvaro is 18 years old and plays as a striker. Real Madrid’s official website introduced him as one of the best players in Castilla this season and has already scored 5 goals.

In the post-match interview, Alvaro said: "Today I realized my childhood dream, and now I am very proud and cannot express my feelings at this moment in words. I would like to thank Ancelotti for giving me this opportunity,
Thanks also to my family and my girlfriend. My coach at Castilla, Raúl, has always been a very good player."

"I will always remember this special day in my heart. It was an incredible experience. Even now I can’t believe it. Playing with the idols I admire is so dreamy. A few years ago
You can only see them on TV."

"In the first half we tried to play a little more carefully, but after a while we realized we couldn’t do that. Then we changed the way we played, created chances with high balls, and we won the game."