The American coach was accused of domestic violence. Some people want to use my mistakes 31 years ago to bring me down. I will cooperate with the investigation

January 4th. Earlier, the U.S. Football Association announced the hiring of lawyers, and the national team coach Gregg-
Berhalter conducted an independent investigation, and Berhalter also responded on social media.

Here’s Berhalter’s response:

During the World Cup, obviously we really want the team to go further, and I also want to say thank you to all the players, staff, USFA personnel, and fans around the world who support the US national team.

Our performances depend on our hard work, great energy, and commitment after years of preparation on and off the pitch.
There are so many positive things that happen when our team comes together and many different types of sacrifices are made in pursuit of our collective vision as a team.
I also hope to continue discussing future plans with the U.S. Soccer Association, but I need to share my personal affairs now. At present, a third-party team has attacked me and my family because of my personal affairs.

During the World Cup, someone contacted US Soccer saying they had information that could "take me down", clearly an attempt to use personal matters from long ago to drive a wedge between me and US Soccer.
It’s been a hard step to take but my wife Rosaleen and I want to tell the truth about this clearly and bluntly, it’s our two stories but hopefully the lessons between the two of us will be there for everyone
some effect.

In the fall of 1991, I met my soulmate, when I was 18, a freshman in college, and I also met Rosalyn for the first time.
There was a sense of familiarity when we chatted, Rosalyn was fantastic, strong-willed, compassionate and fun and we connected quickly.
It’s like we’ve known each other for years.
We dated for four months and then something happened that had an impact on our future.
Rosalyn and I got into a heated argument one night drinking at the bar, and we went out to fight, and then it got physical, and I kicked her in the leg.

I don’t want to make excuses for my behavior that night, it was very embarrassing and I will regret it.
I immediately apologized to Rosaleen at that point, but understandably she didn’t want to be associated with me.
I talked to my family and friends, and she talked to hers.
But the police were not involved in this at the time, and I volunteered for counseling as a way to learn, to grow, to improve, and it was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.
Until now, I have never done this kind of thing again.

I was afraid that I would fall into depression after losing my soulmate, so Rosalyn called me seven months later and wanted to talk to me face to face.
We met to discuss the lessons of the incident and decided to mend the relationship, which Rosaleen discussed with her parents and they were supportive.
From it, we also realized that the love, trust and respect between us became more precious.
Since then, Rosaleen and I have lived in five countries and three states, and have maintained friendships with many interesting people, all testament to our strong relationships and loving families.

The lessons I learned from that night for over 30 years turned into a deep, loving relationship that we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this past weekend, and we are so proud of it.

The reason for re-sharing this after 31 years is that it is important to understand how it affected me, but I will not be defined by it.
It’s just a matter of independence over thirty years ago, and I made a bad decision when I was 18 years old.
Rosaleen and I have had a wonderful journey, we already have four lovely children and the kids know about it.
We are proud of our marriage, relationship and family.

As a team that emphasizes responsibility, honesty and growth, these are not only the regulations that need to be followed within the team, but also cultivated in my life.
The basis of all good teams is to learn from the past to get better, and people can forgive their mistakes.
Luckily, Rosalind forgave me, and the purpose of posting this statement is to bring transparency to this matter and to prove that the mistakes of youth do not completely define a person’s life afterward.
We will not shy away from this matter, not now, nor in the future.

This is our story.
While we fully support US Soccer’s investigation into this matter, we also prefer not to speak publicly about something so private.
We’re also grateful for the opportunity to share something that had a big impact on us 31 years ago, from which we’ve learned a lesson.

Rosalind and Greg Berhalter

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