The Australian Football Association officially fined Melbourne Victory $450,000 and deducted 10 points for the riots in the Melbourne Derby

January 10th, the Australian Football Association officially announced that it was in response to the fan riots that occurred during the Melbourne Derby on December 17 last year
Incident, Melbourne Victory was fined $450,000 and deducted 10 league points.

The following is the content of the official website:

The Football Federation of Australia found that Melbourne Victory fans engaged in unacceptable behavior during the 2022/23 A-League round eighth round match between Melbourne City Club and Melbourne Victory Club at AAMI Park in Melbourne on Saturday, December 17th, causing the game to become unacceptable.
become dishonorable.
FFA has imposed significant financial and sporting penalties on the club after considering the club’s response and the measures taken.

Financial penalties total $550,000, including $450,000 in fines, including $100,000 in lost earnings due to athletic punishment.
In terms of sports sanctions, clubs are required to close specific seats behind the goal in the remaining 2022/23 A-League regular season and finals series, and use other methods to restrict the seats in the north area of AAMI Park to only open to club registered members
; In addition, it also includes a content that in the remaining 2022/23 season of the A-League and the finals series, no tickets will be allocated to Melbourne Victory fans who are on the road.

Sporting penalties also include a 10-point penalty, which could result in a deduction for each serious incident of fan misconduct during this season and the next three seasons, which will end in the 2025/26 season.
The Australian Football Association also decided that the eighth round of the 2022/23 Australian Super League match between Melbourne City and Melbourne Victory on December 17, because the game could not be played after the 22nd minute, the game must be played from the 22nd minute in April 2023.
The score will restart from Melbourne City 1-0 Melbourne Victory.

Football Federation Australia will establish a task force that will include various stakeholders, host venues and experts from Victoria and New South Wales Police.
The terms of reference for this working group, which will be finalized soon, will include developing measures to stop the use of flares, exploring directions for improvements to stadium policing, and will review fan communications, fan ticketing and membership requirements, and fan parades before games.

For the start of the 2023/24 A-League season, Melbourne Victory needs to work with the Australian Football Association to implement clear measures.
This may require Melbourne Victory to ensure that all active fans are valid members of the club, or to sell tickets in designated areas when tickets are allocated.

Australian Football Association CEO James Johnson said that what happened in this Melbourne derby is the worst Australian football has seen since the establishment of the A-League. The Australian Football Association will continue to cooperate with Melbourne Victory to ensure that this behavior does not happen again.

Johnson said: "Football Australia has found that in the Melbourne Derby on December 17, 2022, Melbourne Victory allowed a number of people to enter the field of play from the club’s loyal supporters area, which was inexcusable and a serious breach of our rules and regulations.
Our punishment for Melbourne Victory is the toughest since the A-League was established. We want to remove this behavior from the game, and those who commit it. We have currently issued 17 bans to relevant individuals, including 3
A lifetime ban and a preliminary penalty against Melbourne Victory."

"The playing field is sacred and the safety of our players and referees is paramount. Those who enter the playing field illegally, cause vandalism, and verbally and physically attack players and referees, they have crossed the line.
Police are working closely to target these individuals and we will continue to do so to ensure that those displaying criminal behavior at football events are not involved in any way in our games."

"I can sympathize with the vast majority of fans, and the wider football community, who are disgusted by the actions of these people. The punishment of Melbourne Victory is a necessary process and we want to create an environment that puts football first.
We would like to acknowledge and applaud the actions Melbourne Victory has taken so far."

Melbourne Victory can appeal FA’s decision within the next seven working days.

Specific punitive measures of the Australian Football Association:

A financial penalty of $450,000, broken down into the following parts.

(1) Melbourne Victory Club compensates Melbourne City Club with US$150,000 for the loss of venues and equipment caused by stadium riots and other unruly fan behavior.

(2) The Australian Football Association fined Melbourne Victory $150,000.

(3) If Melbourne Victory fans break into the stadium again this season and the next three seasons (up to the 2025-26 season), they will be fined $100,000.

(4) Pay a minimum of $50,000 in April 2023 to cover the cost of replaying the game.

Sports punishment:

(1) Melbourne Victory is not allowed to sell any tickets in the loyal fan area of the stadium, including the loyal fan area at the north end and south end, no matter where it is held in the 2022/23 A-League season, including the finals.
That means the club lost $100,000 in revenue.

(2) in 2022/23