The construction of the main body of the new stadium is expected to be completed and accepted before the Spring Festival, and Guoan will return to the stadium in 2023

According to news from Beijing Guoan on January 1, the main construction of the Beijing Workers Stadium has been completed.
Spring Festival completion acceptance.
Guoan revealed that the construction of the main part of the soccer field for the reconstruction project of the Workers’ Stadium has been completed. According to the plan, it is expected that the completion and acceptance of the main part of the football field will be completed before the Spring Festival. In the new season of 2023, Beijing Guoan will return to the stadium.
According to reports, Xingongti has adopted the advanced European "stand bowl" structure, and has carried out a lot of internal upgrades. The original two-story "disk-shaped" stand has become a four-story "bowl-shaped" stand.
The slope of the stand is increased, and the viewing effect is better.