The FA is optimistic that Southgate will stay, and the players believe that he can lead the team to win the European Cup.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the FA is optimistic about Southgate’s stay and the players believe he can lead the team to win the European Cup.
It is reported that Southgate is currently considering his future in England and is expected to make a decision in the New year, leading to fears that he will leave before his contract expires. Southgate’s current contract with the FA expires in December 2024. The FA is aware that foreign coaches such as Pocettino, Tuchl and Rogers may be criticized at that time.
Sources believe that if Southgate leaves the team, Porter and Eddie Howe will not be able to take up the post of England manager, and other English candidates have not received much support in the FA. The FA will not be eager to find new players because of Southgate’s performance in the World Cup, the FA changed its mind and wanted Southgate to stay. The FA believes Southgate has made progress in the Qatar World Cup. although their journey in this World Cup is shorter than that in Russia.
At the same time, the vast majority of England players want Southgate to stay and believe that under his leadership, England will win the title by a clear margin in the next European Championship.