The goal outside the penalty area counts as 2 points. The suggestion of the former American international was ridiculed: go and play as a Mario striker.

December 30-former US international Alexis Lalas recently posted several suggestions on Twitter to “improve football”, including shooting outside the penalty area to score two points and so on. His remarks were laughed at by fans.
Lalas wrote: “how to improve football?” Examples: (1) make the goal bigger; (2) score 2 points from a long-range shot out of the penalty area; (3) change the penalty from 12 yards to 35 yards; (4) kick off the ball with feet; (5) introduce the ‘small dark room’ mechanism of ice hockey. Put the player in a small dark room for a period of time as a foul punishment; 6, offside only in front of the opponent 35 yards; 7, the ball hit the hand or arm is handball ”
Lalas’s remarks were ridiculed by fans, one fan said: “spare football, your ideas are not good, long-range shooting counts 2 points, we have loved football for so many years, and you (the United States) have just joined.” why are you addicted to changing football? ”
An American netizen said: “shut up, you have played in the World Cup, but you have the worst knowledge of football. My uncle has never seen a football match better than you.” It is because of people like you that we become the laughingstock of the football world. ”
One fan commented: “to be honest, as long as you stop participating, football will improve.”
Another fan replied: “I didn’t expect anyone to watch the World Cup final recently and then feel that the sport needs to be fundamentally changed to make it more exciting.”
Another fan commented: “it sounds like you will enjoy indoor football games, such as MASL (Colosseum Football League) and MLIS (large Indoor Football League).”
One fan said: “Brother, go play Mario vanguard (Nintendo Switch game).”
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