The lineup of several teams in Guangdong media is not complete, and there is a high probability that Taishan and Haigang will meet in the FA Cup final

January 4 This afternoon, the fourth round of the 2022 FA Cup is about to start, "New Express"
The author stated that the lineups of several teams are not complete, and there is a high probability that Taishan and Haigang will meet in the FA Cup final.

The coach of the three towns of Wuhan, Pedro, and the foreign aid have returned to China. The team will play in the all-China class, and Shandong Taishan will play in the FA Cup with all the main players. According to the rules, the FA Cup quarter-finals will play two rounds, according to the total score.
Winning or losing, Shandong Taishan has a greater chance of advancing to the top 4.
Apart from Shandong Taishan, Shanghai Seaport is the most serious about the FA Cup.
For Haigang, the FA Cup is also the last championship hope for the 2022 season.
Judging from the last two rounds of the league, Taishan and Haigang have basically returned to the full main lineup, and the two teams have a high probability of meeting in the FA Cup final.

The other sets of duels may all be a formality.
The Zhejiang team, Cangzhou Lions and Chengdu Rongcheng are in the same situation. They all completed the season league goals, so they are not concerned about the FA Cup. The Cangzhou Lions have completed their relegation goals, and the team has almost immediately entered the holiday state.
The Lions will mainly compete in the FA Cup with young players, and foreign players who have contributed to relegation will not participate in the FA Cup.
Chengdu Rongcheng ushered in a three-game winning streak at home in the last three league games, but coach Xu Zhengyuan said that the players are generally tired, so the FA Cup team may allow more young players to play.
The Zhejiang team won the third place in the Chinese Super League unprecedentedly, creating the best result since the professional league. The Zhejiang team played against the second champion Jinan Xingzhou. According to the regulations, they could not send foreign aid to play. Therefore, the team does not rule out letting foreign aid take a vacation directly.
Due to the settlement of wage arrears and the renewal of players’ contracts, Shenhua’s lineup for the FA Cup is also quite unsatisfactory. It is the limit to be able to pass the Cangzhou Lions. The hope of winning the semi-final against Shandong Taishan is extremely slim.

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